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Facebook Movement Force Cottage Cheese Price Cut


– In the land of milk and honey, feelings run pretty strong when it comes to the price of cottage cheese.

Surrendering to a two-week online campaign, the Israeli dairy companies that control the cheese market announced they were cutting prices by 25 percent.

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How To Avoid Depression And Eat Healthy -Video

How To Avoid Depression And Eat Healthy – Healthy Life Daily Video 

Do you ever suffer with depression? Do you know someone who suffers with depression?  This video is presented by a doctor who gives a list of a wide range of foods that can help.


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Easy, Healthy Mac and Cheese – Recipe

This is so easy, but the best thing about it is that this Mac and “Cheese” is healthy!

Easy, Healthy Mac and “Cheese”

1/2 bag of brown rice macaroni pasta (gluten-free)

8 oz Hummus


Hemp or almond milk


1. Cook the pasta. Drain.

2. Fold in the Hummus into the warm pasta

3. Add milk according to the level of creaminess you want.

4. Add about 2 teaspoons of mustard (for color)

Top with black pepper if desired.

Let the kids help you put this together!


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Red White and Blue – July 4th Healthy Dessert Recipe

I have attending a “Health Starts Here” classes at Whole Foods Market for the past 5 weeks.  One of the recipes Katherine (our facilitator) shared with us is this simply delicious Berry Crumble Dessert.  She made it and we got a chance to taste it.  This is soooo yummy!

The whole family will love this! The colors are beautiful and make the perfect dessert to conclude a 4th of July get-together.

Berry Crumble

2 cups Blueberries

2 cups Strawberries

2 Tablespoon Date Paste

1/2 cup Chopped pecans and walnuts


1. Take the tops off the strawberries and slice.

2. Add blueberries to strawberry slices.

3. Use about 2 tablespoons of date paste

4.  Mix it all together with your hands until all the fruit is coated with the date paste.

5.  Top the fruit mixture with the chopped nuts.

You might want to top with whipped topping or cashew cream.

Cashew Cream

1 Cup – Cashews soaked overnight

Enough purified water to make the mixture creamy.

Drain the cashews.

Place the cashews in the blender (Vitamix or Blendtec give the smoothest results)

Add water until the creamy consistency that you want.

Pour over the Berry Crumble.

Have a safe and enjoyable July 4th!!

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Tia Mowry is a “Mommy” – New Son with Husband Cory Hardrict

Do you remember Tia Mowry from “Sister, Sister” with her sister Tamara?  Well, now she is a mom!  Congratulations to Tia and Cory!  Welcome to the world little one!

Not long ago Kourtney Khardashian became a mom too.  Kourtney partnered with author Ruth Yaron and talked about Super Baby Food.  Ruth and Kourtney have a video for new moms that talks about the First 6 Months of a baby’s life.  Watch the video here.  There are more video and a link to order the cookbook.

Super Baby Food Third Edition-Table of Contents –

What People are saying about the Book:

 Super Baby Food- by Ruth Yaron

“Super Baby Food is encyclopedic in both scope and size. Ounce for hefty ounce, this manual/cookbook/reference guide is worth its weight in formula.”

—      Sumi Hahn, Reviewer


“I cannot say enough how much I like this book… In short, it is almost 600 pages of everything you have ever wanted to know about preparing your own vegetarian baby food.”

—       Shayla Roberts, Reviewer


“Ruth Yaron challenges our ideas of traditional baby food by offering up other ingredients for home-blended meals.  She explains how to whirl up vegetables and fruits in your blender and then dump it into ice cube trays to freeze and store.”

—       Joy Hatch, Reviewer

Absolutely everything parents should know about feeding their baby and toddler, including age-appropriate foods, food safety, sample menus, and more than 300 recipes. Healthy, organic foods are encouraged along with green housekeeping techniques.  This quintessential guide includes everything from baby’s physical eating skills at each age to fill-in diet worksheets for proper nutrition.  The new third edition scheduled for release in October of 2010 will also include new chapters for mothers with diet and health tips during preconception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.


Ruth Yaron is married with three children and lives near the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. When her twins were born 18 years ago, they were ten weeks premature and very sick. This is what prompted years of research on pediatric nutrition. When her third son was born in 1994, she was able to quit her job as a professor at a local university and become a stay-at-home mom. During the next two years, she wrote the Super Baby Food Book, which became a best seller and is still the best-selling book on the subject of feeding babies solid foods.

* * * * * * * * * * *

 Super Baby Food has sold almost 500,000 copies.

 The Third Edition of Super Baby Food will be released in February 2011.

An Iphone App for Super Baby Food will be released in August of 2010.

 * * * * * * * * * * *

More information about the book and author can be found at

Title: Super Baby Food

Author: Ruth Yaron

Price: $19.95

Pages: 608

Size: 8.4” x 5.5” x 1.3”

Publication Date: June, 1998

Publisher: FJRoberts Publishing

ISBN: 0965260313