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What is Mircro Farming?

What is Micro Farming?

All the elements of this painting were include...
All the elements of this painting were included to reflect Cooperative Extension’s vision for 20th century farming – mechanized farming, crop diversification and rural electrification. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



The move of the American from the country to the city comes with its characteristic feature of concrete and less greenery. In its stark difference with rural centers, the urban centers are severely missing organized implementation of greenery. However, with the passage of more time, the scenario has started to evolve, where an increasing effort may be noticed for urban gardening. The effort is worth appreciating and an increasing amount of professional engagement may be noticed behind it.




It is due to the increasing professional engagement into the scenario that the naming of ‘urban gardening’ has slowly evolved into ‘micro-farming’. The naming may have a direct relationship with a visibly short and crunchy space for accommodating the farming procedure. Yet, the procedure of micro-farming assists the professionals in effective achievement of the ideal environment leading to the generation of fresh flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables for example.




To the amazement of a wide section of the urban population, professionals suggest ideal methods of farming with a suggestion about implementing necessary, result-oriented measures. In such an environment, the fresh crops and vegetables may be a reality. Even though the procedure takes place in a noticeably short area, the farmer can still experience fresh crops and vegetables.




Micro-farming is always achieved in an additional stretch of land, if any, of the urban farmer. However, most of the urban farmers find it difficult to effectively utilize the available additional land at their disposal for the purpose of micro-farming. For that, they need timely, professional advice from micro-farming specialists.




Some of the elementary aspects of any micro-farming effort are enough sunlight and continuous succession cultivated area throughout the year. The two procedures, alongside the effective suggestion by the micro-farming managers, will offer fresh crop all through one single calendar.




Professional micro-farming effort may return with significant financial profit, as well. Efficient micro-farming will result in fresh crops throughout the year. Thus, the customers may receive the scope of consuming the fresh crops throughout the year, when the branded and bigger farming agencies offer cold storage products. Though, in a noticeable difference, the micro-farming products may not be as impressive as the brand farming ones.




Further, the financial profit aspect too may only be relevant with those micro-farming projects that aim to produce large amount cultivation. For most of the micro-farming projects, the aim remains focused to essentially personal consumption.




Micro-farming is a healthy, environmentally friendly procedure of growing fresh vegetables throughout the year. The effort is well appreciated by the agricultural scientists from every part of the world. Aiming for steady and well planned expansion of the practice of micro-farming, numerous agencies have announced financial and other rewards for urban micro-farming enthusiasts.