My BIG 6-0 BIRTHDAY !!! I Will Celebrate All Month of November (11-11-55)

Glenda’s 9th Birthday  1964

9th party SanFrancicsco

This is my 9th birthday celebration. 245 Pierce Street San Francisco, CA One of my best friend was Carleen (holding on to my left arm), next to her is Gleoria. Gleoria was our neighbor and her mom was our landlord, and sister in Christ, Imogene Bradley.

Behind me to my left is my sister Gloria. In the front row my most far right is Vernita, my baby sister.

The rest of the girls were friends and acquaintances from church.

(Downtown Church of Christ, Minister, Don Hines)


the entire fleming fam

This is the entire Fleming clan. We took this picture on Quesada Street in San Francisco, CA. across the street from Aunt Mathilda’s house.

Mathilda Whetstone was my mother’s sister. Aunt Effie lived down this same street. I am the tallest of the 3 youngest.

(In the photos notice the 6 red candles. These electric candles represent my 3 sisters who have passed away, but are still in my heart, my mother dear and my daddy and my friend Jill E. Trice, MD whose birthday would have been 11/13.


This cake is sugar-free made by Devere Pyle. I shared this cake on Wednesday night, the end of the gospel meeting that ended the anniversary of THE STOP SIX CHURCH OF CHRIST IN FORT WORTH.

The Birthday song by SWCC Students – It was great!

Listen! The song sounds great even though the video is lop sided. 🙂



November 14, 2015 Saturday 2 pm

Today I hosted an intimate birthday lunch. I invited several special individuals to spend some time with me. I chose a vegan cafe and bakery in Fort Worth, Texas 1314 W. Magnolia Avenue

I had a point. I wanted to individuals in my life to meet one another.  I wanted to get to know them all better. I also wanted each meat eater to experience meatless meal and feel how much energy they would have after the meal.

It took some time,  but they all ordered their meals.

Click on the link below to see the photos of my birthday lunch celebration.

party-group and me (2)

2015-11-14_60thBirthday-2       2015-11-14_Spiral-60thBirthday

60th Birthday Celebration –  Spiral Cafe and Bakery <<<<<<<<

If you want to try vegan food go to

HAPPY COW <<<<<<<<<Click here to discover a vegan or vegetarian restaurant
I am so blessed to still be here



Cake 2

cake 2

My husband, J C Thomas, Jr.  Made this sugar-free chocolate cake with icing that is heavy whipping cream. This cake is made with a special love from a special man. He gave my first party as an adult while we were in college at Southwestern Christian College.

silver creek
Glenda age 17
jc and me
Glenda age18

Jc and me 2015

I don’t know if you noticed, but I did not have candles on either cake. I do not need candles to wish upon anymore, I will just live what it is I want. Now is the time to just do it!


It’s a new day. 

I am alive. 

I am surrounded by LOVE. 

I am thankful. 

More to come!

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