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Holiday Leftover Ideas for Potatoes

Potatoes Have Hidden Talents – Go Behind The Scenes With This Holiday Leftover   

Leftover mashed potatoes are often the last thing you want to face for days or weeks after the big feast over the holidays. Everything else gets used up, but there’s that bowl of mashed potatoes, still sitting there.  Finding creative ways to use mashed potatoes in repeat performances is easier than you think. Let’s take a look at a few ways to reuse your leftover potatoes so you will never again be faced with a bowl of spoiled potatoes in your refrigerator.


Believe it or not, potatoes actually make an amazing flour substitute. If you ever find yourself running low on flour, but have a plethora of mashed potatoes, you are still in luck. One cup of mashed potatoes is proportional to two cups of flour when it comes to baking. This is where potato rolls or potato bread typically come from. Sure, your bread will be a little denser than you might be accustomed to, but it will have a unique flavor that just can’t be beat. You can also use potatoes in addition to using flour to purposely create a heavier, starchier bread.



It always seems like pancake batter never quite makes as many pancakes as the box calls for. Here is another great place where potatoes can come in and save the day. You can use mashed potatoes in your pancake batter to help extend the batter. Just mix in two cups of mashed potatoes in place of one cup of pancake batter and your family and friends will rave about your homemade pancakes.  You can also add potatoes along with the regular batter recipe to create more of a side dish pancake, a potato pancake. Include savory ingredients like onions and thyme to serve alongside a main dish like grilled pork tenderloin, chicken, or steak.


Cakes and Cookies

Just like with breads, cakes and cookies can also take the potato substitute for flour. Of course, your cake and pastries will be a little more dense and rich to the palate, but you will be surprised at how great the recipe turns out. A mixture of potatoes and applesauce, for instance produces a moist, heavy pound cake, meant to be served sliced with a heavy syrup or topping like a compote.  Drop cookies benefit from the addition or substitution of potatoes because they hold the shape nicely and have a sturdy look and texture.



When making your favorite casserole recipes with cans of cream soup, consider instead using potatoes as a  substitute for the soup. Generally speaking, once you get the casserole main ingredients together, all you need is a binding agent, something to bring it all together and give it a creamy texture. Mashed potatoes can do that. The starch in potatoes is often used to help thicken dishes, so you can use this same technique in casseroles.  Dilute your mashed potatoes in a bit of chicken or turkey broth, mix in a food processor until smooth, season as needed, then add to you casserole recipe. The potatoes will not only replace the canned soup in the casserole, but they will also add a new level of flavor and nutrition to the dish. This is one starchy carb that gives you something back in fiber.



Yes, of course you can make potato soup out of leftover mashed potatoes, but as with the casserole trick, you can use potatoes simply as a soup thickener.  For instance, if you’re making a creamy broccoli cheese soup that just seems too thin, don’t panic.  Put some leftover mashed potatoes in the food processor and blend until smooth, thinning to blend with a bit of milk or broth.  When smooth and thick, stir into the soup.  Without adding any flour or cornstarch you have a thicker, creamier soup.  Use this trick any time you cook a cream soup or chowder.  The added bonus is if you mashed your potatoes with cream cheese, sour cream, or just some milk, that just improves the soup even more.  And, don’t stop there.  If you’re cooking a stew that doesn’t seem to be making that nice thick stick-to-the-spoon sauce, use the same smoothly whipped potatoes and thicken it up.


Having a nice supply of leftover mashed potatoes may not be such a bad thing after all. Once you’ve made your fill of Shepherd’s Pie, Potato Ham Chowder, and Potato Patties, put your leftover mashed potatoes to work for you behind the scenes!


The Holiday Leftover Toolkit has magical ideas like the ones above and 30 recipes and 23 videos of what to do with YOUR HOLIDAY LEFTOVERS.  


Kitchen Gadgets

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets #1: Saladmaster Machine

The other day I was exploring YouTube for new recipes and I found a recipe for Salad Cake and it caught my attention so I clicked over to view the video.  I watched and noticed the gadget she was using.  It was a one-piece manually-operated machine.  I began to do research on Saladmaster.  I found a website and completed a form and I ended up getting a call from James Tanti.  He sent a consultant out to me who had called to confirm her appointment.  Liza came over and cooked a full vegetarian meal for my hubby and I.  I was so impressed with her presentation, I decided to go the Open House she invited us to in Orange County. I also wanted to find out how to get a Saladmaster for Free.  Yes, I said FREE.

I am now a consultant and I can tell you how to get a Saladmaster machine for FREE. Send me a message:

Here is a video of my Dealer using a Saladmaster Machine in her cooking class.  I have one of my own now and it saves me time when chopping, and slicing my fresh fruits and veggies.  I love having the Saladmaster, because it makes it so much easier to east vegetables and fruit.

When you start your salad with cabbage it is much healthier, and the salad lasts longer because cabbage is a more durable leaf.  The Rainbow Salad can be made with 5 ingredients.  Keep it simple and experiment.

Here’s the ingredients I use.

Rainbow Salad

1/4 wedge Cabbage (green and purple)

1 apple

1 zucchini

1 cucumber

1/4 sweet potato/yam

1 carrot


1 lemon

1 oranger

cut in fours and juice on the Saladmaster machine.

This Saladmaster Machine is my #1 Favorite kitchen gadget.

It was also voted #1 Kitchen Gadget by

Diabetes, Education

November is American Diabetes Month

Today, 24 million Americans are living with diabetes and 57 million more are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Glenda The Good Foodie is proud to participate in American Diabetes Month to promote diabetes prevention and control.
People who are overweight, over 45 years old, or who have high blood pressure are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. The good news is that you can take steps to lower your chances of developing type 2 diabetes:

Watch your weight.
Eat healthy.
Be active.
Control your blood pressure and cholesterol.
Learn more about preventing type 2 diabetes.

I will be posting several articles, recipes and videos here on this blog.
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