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Welcome to my Blog- I am Glenda the Good Foodie

To me good food is healthy food.   
Food is the fuel for our bodies and it’s
purpose is to assist our bodies to
operate to its fullest potential.

Food is healing too!

I will share my healthy recipes, food in the news, ways to save on food, anything else about food that I can find.

Join me on my blogging adventure!


healthy recipes, Recipes

Teddy Bear art the 100 days of drawing ended Njuly 10. I was om vacation but i was still drawing. Then my phone broke. Im on my ipad now. So i completed my secon set of 100 days now to begin my 3rd set. One of the benefits of creating daily us that i have a portfolio to categorize and offer.

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healthy recipes, Recipes

#authors and #Artists Freedom is the word of the day! Authors and Artists are you Stuck? Do you aim to write but quit in frustration because your page or canvas is blank? This free course can help you. Go to the link above. Press MENU and Click on FOLLOW.

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healthy recipes, Recipes

#brown Bear #teddybear #art Day 91 of 100 The drawing class led me to create this bear. Challenging myself to learn to draw has opened an opportunity to grow in my artwork. I will not settle for for what can do now. I want to expand my capabilities. How are you expanding your capabilities? Are learning something more?

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