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Welcome to my Blog- I am Glenda the Good Foodie

To me good food is healthy food.   
Food is the fuel for our bodies and it’s
purpose is to assist our bodies to
operate to its fullest potential.

Food is healing too!

I will share my healthy recipes, food in the news, ways to save on food, anything else about food that I can find.

Join me on my blogging adventure!


healthy recipes, Recipes

We had a late date on Sunday After a long Sunday we walked in downtown to go to our fav fish place #flyingfish Restaurant. A little while after I wondered out loud “what’s taking them so long?” The food arrived now I’m happy. Roasted veggies, red beans and rice and grilled salmon.

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healthy recipes, Recipes

#pink #space April 10, 2018 concludes my first 100 days of drawing/painting. What a eventful last 100 days. Today begins another 💯 days challenge. My mental muscle is growing stronger each day. I continue to move forward to see what’s there for me. I always have something to look forward to. I just moved to LR, Arkansas. Yes I painted through the move. I had to leave my art (for the artists showcase) at my friends house in DFW area. Move to Arkansas. Drive back for Easter. Go back to move the rest of the stuff. Then drive back for the artist showcase. Early that morning, my hubby JC had cataract surgery -6 am. He could not attend the showcase. I drove myself to the event setup and 3:30 Pm. The event started at 7 pm. I started closing down my booth around 10 pm. Whew! Why did I tell you all of that? Because I have found that when you set your heart on a goal/Dream you will inevitably face distractions that could deter you. You must do the thing you must do, no matter what. I had imagined that JC would be with me, but a long awaited surgery date was given to him , so he could not come. I carried my supporters with me and I knew that God is with me too. I moved into a new arena of my life with everything I needed. Not everything I wanted but I moved. To you who have that thing- JUST DO IT! I love you. Thanks for supporting me. Peace ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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