Pass to Power: What is Race and Passing?

Susan X Jane

Busted: Rachel Dolezal, Howard Graduate, Head of the NAACP in Spokane, and outspoken black community activist is white.  Outed by a local reporter and mercilessly–and hilariously–taken down on twitter Rachel has sparked lots of chatter about what is race and who can be which one.  Passing points to the essential function of race–that it structures power, not color.  People who pass are not trying to look different, they are trying to change their status.

Race is not in our DNA, it’s a social construct.  That means, despite what your eyes see, there are not different races of people.  In fact, there is no gene for race in the human genome.  Biologically, humans are all part of one family.

So, if race isn’t real, then we can just say racism is dead, yell, “Black President!” and get on with it right?  Wrong.  I mean, have you read this blog before?  Since the birth…

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Father’s Day Tributes


Father’s Day 2015. Daddy, I miss your strong voice, whether singing or talking stories you to a thousand times. 

I gave me my first phase lessons about Jesus Christ. How blessed I am to have had that foundation. 

One of my fondest memories was when I was quite young and Daddy drove the bus for the city of San Francisco. In the days when they still excepted cash for the fare; he would bring the money home in let us help him count it and he would tell us all of the escapades on his route that day. 

I love you Daddy 

Rest in Peace


I also want to recognize a wonderful man J S Winston. He was a father-figure in my life as a teacher in Phase 2. He loved me, my husband and children just like we were all his very own. He was so personable, genuine and he listened. 

After the passing of my mother, I had an opportunity to talk to him and I noticed how he was actually listening and responding. A national legend surely had better things to do but he listened to me. One of my fondest memories was when he told us he would cook for us and he fried catfish! 

I miss you Daddy Winston