Eating Out

Eating Healthy as you Travel

I am on a road trip right now and my hubby and I are driving from Malibu Cali to Houston to Tennessee to Michigan to Oklahoma to Louisiana and back to Houston the home to California.

Take a short break then visit
San Francisco Bay Area. We are vegetarian and my husband us gluten sensitive so being on the road poses a challenge which we gladly take on. We are persistent in making sure we seek and find the foods we enjoy and foods that give us energy for the road trip. We’ve got a lot of driving to do.

Last night , I mean , this morning at around 1:00 am we were hungry and finally we decided to get some gluten – free cereal and almond milk. We could have settled for any cereal and cow milk but alas we did not. We found a Walmart Supercenter. I bought bananas, Chex ™ gluten-free corn Chex , Almond milk, Fibars ™ with dark chocolate , and blueberries! It was perfect after midnight snack.

If you are traveling this Summer, make an adventure of hunting for healthier food choices.

Follow my exploits in see the photo album labeled Road trip from Malibu to Houston.