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Day 90 of ##100 days of drawing ✍🏾. I plan to post for the next 10 days consecutively. I was inspired by 2 videos I saw on YouTube. 1. There was a man who like me, who was not convinced that he was an artist but he started Journey to begin drawing. If I remember correctly, he drew for 1 year st least on image a day. At the end of his campaign, he had enough drawings to put together a portfolio. He is now working as an illustrator. 2. There was a woman who drew Ghandi for 1 year. She was giving a TedX Talk about what she learned from drawing Ghandi. I learned that there is growth I can experience by committing to drawing 100 days in a row. I can grow in perspective, and in confidence. By the way when I draw daily or paint 🎨 most days I draw more than one image. One day I painted 7 watercolor paintings. I got on a roll. Other days I have draw one line drawing. One of the benefits of the #100daysofdrawing is that I was invited to be a featured artist at Raw Artists Showcase Dallas. And I am prepared with a variety of pieces and sets of pieces for the show. I had no idea that I would be invited to the showcase. I had never heard of Raw Artists. A woman from RA saw my work on Etsy. com and invited me. I have a second show June 30. Pancakes and Booze Art Show in Dallas. When I complete this 100 days I will begin again with another 100 days then another 100 then 65 days which equals 365 days ! 💯 #art #artwork #365 #1year #

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