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“State Prison” Many of us have family members / friends behind bars. I just experienced a family member getting out of prison after 21 years. We ministered to him during his incarceration and visited him. Jesus said in Matthew 25: if we visit the ones in #prison, it’s the same as visiting HIM. And if we neglect those in prison, we are neglecting HIM. When do you need Love most? When you have messed up! I’m not going to tell you it’s easy to see your brother, nephew or niece locked away. I was enabled by The Spirit to write visit and pray for the family members of mine who are locked up. Imagine if you were in their shoes, how do you think you’d feel if family didn’t write, call , visit or put a little something on your books. Grace and mercy. God gives it to us, so we are called to give grace and mercy to others. I have a dearly beloved one now in jail awaiting prison time. Pray for us as we minister to them. Amen. Praise the Lord.

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