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Healthy Meals for People Who Love Good Food

Planning to eat healthy is a little easier than actually doing it. That’s part of why so many diets fail. We get into habits of eating certain types of food, and those habits are hard to break. To make matters more difficult, many of us associate healthy meals with bland taste. Fortunately, there are ways to start eating well and still enjoy what you eat. Here are three methods that prove to work pretty well for most people.

a) Eat at home

Eating at home is a great way to eat healthier foods. When you cook for yourself, you get to decide what goes in your meals. This means you can substitute fattening oils for olive oil and use salt sparingly, among other things. Additionally, you can increase the amount of vegetables and whole grains in the dishes you cook. If you don’t pride yourself on your cooking skills, you can easily find tons of recipes online that will help you cook delicious and nutritious entrées for yourself with minimal effort. Cook things you’ve never had before, and you may just discover a plethora of healthy foods you enjoy eating. Also try to include as many colorful vegetables in your meals as possible. Vegetables that are bright in color are better for you.

b) Get portion sizes right. 

Eating too much is very common, and it isn’t healthy. The problem is often that our plates are just too big, so we end up eating too much unknowingly. To combat this problem, you can take a trip to Target or Ikea and invest in some reasonably sized plates. Plates at restaurants are usually way too large, so watch out! When you dine at restaurants, it is generally a good idea to eat only half of your plate and get a to-go container for the other half. The next day, you can take it with you to work and eat it for lunch. Once you are eating the ideal portions for you, it could benefit you to think about how you are eating. Assess whether you are eating quickly or at a more leisurely pace. If you are a fast eater, try to slow down. People eat a lot more when they chew for short periods of time.

c) Vary what you eat.

Don’t just stick to one food group. You should try to eat an array of food products. Try to add some nutritious variety to a basic dish like steak and fries. You can experiment with the ingredients and portions and end up with a meal that is just as delicious but considerably more healthy for you. In the case of steak in fries, you could try serving yourself just half of the steak, rather than the whole steak. Fries are tasty, but they aren’t great for you. Try healthier substitutions like whole grain pasta and okra. Use the same seasoning on your okra as you would use on your fries, and you won’t miss the fries at all!

So, get those pots and pans out, invest in a few small plates, and keep your diet varied. Don’t forget to enjoy your new, easy eating habits for a healthier lifestyle! 

Guest Blogger: James K

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Save on Shopping: Wholesale Fresh Produce

I have made a vow to myself to eat much more raw food.

My goal is to eat approximately 80% raw food.  A few week ago my hubby (J C Thomas, Jr.) and I went RAW for one week.  my body felt so energized!  

We went L.A. Wholesale Market downtown Los Angeles.  The hours are 1 a.m. to 10 a.m. Yes, I said 1 a.m.  We were ready for the challenge of staying up so we didn’t even pay attention to the time.

We saw some great looking produce immediately upon landing at the walkway.  We decided to wait and walk down farther before we made any commitments.  

One of the first items was strawberries.  The price was substantially less. I will not quote prices here but I will give you an idea – What I would had to pay $15 for, I got for $7! Then there were the roma tomatoes (pictured).  I had to consider what the likelihood of using so many tomatoes.  I had watched a video about how to freeze tomatoes, so I knew I could use these.  I had made some tomato sauce with basil.  I also froze some in freezer bags that lie flat in the freezer.  I can use them as I need them.  I am so excited to have tomatoes on hand as needed.  

I love avocados but have not been able to buy many at $1.69 a piece.  I did locate some avocados at Vallarta for 99 cents.  That’s a rare find!  We decided to buy a smaller box of 84 avocados.  I use it in smoothies and for guacamole. Guacamole can be frozen too.  

I saw some beautiful large-leaf collard greens and there were 20 bunches in the box.  I couldn’t see myself handling all those greens so I decided not to get them even though the savings would have been 66 cents less than the price we usually pay.  I plan to get those next time and share the cost of the box with a friend. That would make more sense for me. I do not have a standing freezer.  I only have the one on top of the fridge. So I have to be realistic.  Another vendor had some raw almonds.  Since I make almond milk and I wanted to learn how to make almond butter, I knew I would use these almonds.  The price was at least $1 less than our usual price.  We did buy mangos, and apples.  

Next we went to Restaurant Depot and found large-sized items that we needed.  You do not have to have a sales license, but you do need to be a member.  The membership is free.

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Food Revolution: Jamie Oliver on ABC Season 2- Episode 4

 Watch Food REVOLUTION <<<click here Season 2 Episode #4

I just watched episode 4 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  I had a mixed response.  I value highly what Jamie is doing.  I felt so inspired by his passion for helping people think about what they are putting in their bodies. Food is the key to good health after all.  I felt disgusted by the response to his efforts.  It’s something everybody needs to see.  

Jamie uses a variety of methods to get his ideas across and I wish him much success and breakthroughs in his endeavors.

PLEASE Take the time to watch this then leave a comment please.

Eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies daily!

Glenda The Good Foodie