Starting all Over Again

Continuing on the Path to Healthy Living

I have been trying to eat healthily for years.  When I was pregnant with our son, I had to cut back on salt and bread.  I learned to begin to read labels.  When we lived in Tacoma WA, I had a sense that my body did not need meat.  I went for a week without eating meat and wow the energy I felt- it was great.  I did not have any idea about how to structure my nutrition so as to get the nutrients I would miss not having meat, so I continued eating meat.  Around 1993 we were living in Richmond, CA and we had one of the brothers who was deeply into healthy, natural eating conduct a workshop for the church.  After what I heard about sugar, soda pop, and red meat and pork, I quit eating sugar and took it out of the house. I discovered a store that supplied meat substitute and other healthy food I stopped eating red meat and pork altogether!

Fast forward to today… I have recently discovered the ill-effects of gluten and the process of soy.  I know enough to know that gluten can cause celiac disease.  When a person who is afflicted by celiac disease cuts gluten from their diet, they have weight release and better digestion.  There is a way to eat gluten-free and soy-free.  The Gluten-Free 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Going Gluten-Free.

The journey to optimum health takes a lifetime.

My goal is to continue on the path to optimum health. May our journey be full of the joy of learning and the joy of sharing! May our lives be abundant in all of the possible ways!


Ideas, Save on Food

How to Compare Large Appliances Online Before you Buy

There are three large appliances I will discuss in this article: freezer, ranges, and grills.


1. Freezers –  Freezers are a great appliance when it comes to food storage. Whether you cook once a month and prepare meals or whether you buy groceries by the week and prepare food daily, you need a reliable freezer.  Some grocery stores have 10 for $10 sales and the commercial retailers like Costco, and Sam’s offer frozen foods in larger quantities so that the cost per serving is less than buying in the grocery store.
There are still the simple style freezers but today there so many more varities of styles available. It is best to compare before you buy. A salesperson is there to “sell”. A buyer’s goal is to get the best  appliance for the best price that fits your needs. In order to accomplish that, there must be some strategizing. Also you probably want to save time. Planning  ahead by comparing prices on-line, gives you the  feeling of satisfaction and assurance after you make your purchase.

I recommended the website above. This is the perfect website to find what is new in styles and features of freezers.On the page where you enter, you will see the photo and see a price range but when you select to compare, you will see  which manufacturer offers that freezer and their cost. It is so simple.

2. Ranges -There is no cooking without a range. Each cook has their own indiocencracies when it comes to what they want out of a range. Some like gas and other like electric. Some want a fifth burner and some want a double oven.  There is a wide array of features. You would need to run around town to so many retailers that you would waste gas and time that you could have saved.

Visit the following website:

I recommend this website to check prices of ranges that will fit your needs and desires.

3. Grills -Outdoor kitchens have become quite popular so the demand for outdoor grills has increased as well.  How will the grill be fueled?  Will it be fueled by propane, wood, charcoal, electric or briquette? Choices, choices, there are so many choices. What is your
budget? What features do you want or need? Are you buying for personal or for commercial use? You can make these decisions by going to the following website and see what will work best for you. I recommend this wwebsite to do your comparison shopping. There are many styles available such as: Outdoor, Built In, Freestanding,Bowl, Countertop, Indoor and Islands. Some of these styles may not not be familiar to you. Getting familiar with what is available is a great reason to use this site. You may have pre-determined to buy one style but you many discover through a little research that another style fits your needs and desires better.

Buying appliances is not the most expensive purchase you will make. However, it is a major purchase because you will have to live with the appliance for many years. Using these websites will definitely save you time, gas and money. And who do you know that doesn’t want to save time, gas and money?



Happy Birthday to Me!!

Birthday Photo Album

November 11, 1955 was the year I was born into this world. I am 55 today! 1955, 55 This is a once in a lifetime experience! Next year, Lord willing, my birthdate will be 11-11-11!

That too will be a once in a lifetime experience!

I had a blessed day.

JC fixed my light breakfast.

Cheerios with fresh bananas and strawberries with almond milk.

For lunch Marie took me to “Plate” an all natural, all organic healthy restaurant in Malibu. I sat facing the window so I could see the Pacific Ocean! This was truly a dream come true.

Next we went to the movies to see Tyler Perry’s “Colored Girls”

It was a such a blessed day! I thank God, my Provider and heavenly Father for hearing my prayers and giving me life to live and celebrate with J C and Marie.  JC III and JC IV and Linnita were here in spirit. They gave me such great comments on Facebook!

All the Glory belongs to You oh God!