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September is Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month

Every 18 minutes a brain aneurysm ruptures. 

Shocking? Yes it is. 

I am a survivor of a brain aneurysm. It did   not rupture. The aneurysm was seen and diagnosed before it was too late for me. 

As a result of my experience I have had many conversations with people. 

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April Fools?

Don’t fool yourself eating right and having a healthy life is not just going to happen. You are going to have to decide to stick with it because you’re worth it. Maybe you could use today as a day to start April fools and turn it on its head use this day to get serious about your health about your kids hill and about the health of those around you.

There is a health crisis going on in America right now there’s an excess of people with high blood pressure especially African-Americans and Hispanics and diabetes especially African-Americans and Hispanics.

Today is the day to start turning it around one for full at a time take your time and search this blog and you see up on the header there are some topics that you can look at what I want to look at is the movie called “fat, sick and almost dead”. Also there’s another link above that says diabetes – low-carb information. Please go to these links watch the movie look at the information there and get started.

If you’re having trouble getting started I am available to do coaching to help you clean out your pantry and get a fresh start. I can help you get off to a fresh start. I will design a healthy eating plan that takes into consideration whatever your specific health issues are. We will start developing healthy eating plan just for you.

If you need help just send me a comment below or email me and I’ll be happy to help you to stop FOOLING yourself and make progress toward a healthy future.

Let’s get SERIOUS about your life !

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Guest Post: Embracing Inconvenience

This is a great post from the No Meat Athlete blog. Matt shares his thoughts and I wanted to share this mindset shift.

It has inspired me.