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My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets #1: Saladmaster Machine

The other day I was exploring YouTube for new recipes and I found a recipe for Salad Cake and it caught my attention so I clicked over to view the video.  I watched and noticed the gadget she was using.  It was a one-piece manually-operated machine.  I began to do research on Saladmaster.  I found a website and completed a form and I ended up getting a call from James Tanti.  He sent a consultant out to me who had called to confirm her appointment.  Liza came over and cooked a full vegetarian meal for my hubby and I.  I was so impressed with her presentation, I decided to go the Open House she invited us to in Orange County. I also wanted to find out how to get a Saladmaster for Free.  Yes, I said FREE.

I am now a consultant and I can tell you how to get a Saladmaster machine for FREE. Send me a message:

Here is a video of my Dealer using a Saladmaster Machine in her cooking class.  I have one of my own now and it saves me time when chopping, and slicing my fresh fruits and veggies.  I love having the Saladmaster, because it makes it so much easier to east vegetables and fruit.

When you start your salad with cabbage it is much healthier, and the salad lasts longer because cabbage is a more durable leaf.  The Rainbow Salad can be made with 5 ingredients.  Keep it simple and experiment.

Here’s the ingredients I use.

Rainbow Salad

1/4 wedge Cabbage (green and purple)

1 apple

1 zucchini

1 cucumber

1/4 sweet potato/yam

1 carrot


1 lemon

1 oranger

cut in fours and juice on the Saladmaster machine.

This Saladmaster Machine is my #1 Favorite kitchen gadget.

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