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Pamper Mom at Home with Homemade Facial


Give mom a facial made with LOVE and
healthy ingredients.

Pamper the mother in your life with this easy, homemade facial.


½ avocado
1 banana
¼ c yogurt
½ c old-fashioned oats
Add ingredients to jar in order listed and secure lid. Pulse 8–10 times or until incorporated. Gently apply mixture to face and neck, and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse with a clean cloth and warm water, and follow with your favorite toner.



Memories and Current Favorites Moms Meals

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In memory of my mother FANNIE MAE FLEMING. I loved just about everything my mother cooked. We were born in Texas but brought up in San Francisco CA. ” Madea” was an awesome southern cook! I especially was fond of her collard greens and peach cobbler!! I was the skinniest one in the family. I was the first one to the table and the last one to finish my meal.

When the meal was extra good, my shoes would be left under the table. My shoes come off while I was eating without me even realizing it.

What is your favorite dish or meal that your mother made or makes? Leave answer in comment and follow this blog.