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My Top 5 Most Wanted Kitchen Appliances #1

Which Appliances on your Top 5 Wish List?                                                                                                        (Leave a Comment below.)

There are so many techie gadgets around for the kitchen. I dream and daydream about which appliances I would love to have in my kitchen so now.  I will share them with you in a series of posts. 

1.  A Bread Making Machine

Since I have gone gluten-free, I have found it difficult to eat bread that is affordable and with a nice bread texture.  Making healthy bread at home would be awesome. The store-bought bread like Udi’s Gluten-Free Bread is tough in texture and you have to buy it frozen in order for it to last without molding.  I have tried Pamela’s pancake mix but not her bread mix.  I bought some  Bread Mix from Bob’s Red Mill.  When I bought it I did not realize I needed a machine to make the recipe.  

There are two particular ones I would love to have.

Cuisinart Bread Machine 

Fresh Bread doesn’t get any fresher – or easier – than this! Cuisinart offers expert engineering in smooth brushed stainless to deliver a sensational-looking Convection Bread Maker that automatically adjusts speed and timing, and circulates air while baking. Exclusive Low Carb, Gluten-Free, and Artisan Dough settings are just 3 of 16 preset menu options available with the touch of a button. Cuisinart adds 3 crust colors and 3 loaf sizes, to give bread lovers a choice of over 100 bread, dough, cake – and even jam – combinations!

The other is Panasonic sD

BRE Bread Machine, 4 Baking Modes. Timer: Yes.Crust Setting: Light. Medium. Dark. Features: Yeast Dispenser. Non Stick Coating. Safety Fuse. Power Interruption Protection. Controls/Indicators. Controls: Bread Crust Color Control. Physical Characteristics. Dimensions: 14″ Height x 13″ Width x 9″ Depth. Weight (Approximate): 15.40 lb. Miscellaneous: Package Contents: SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker. Measuring Cup. Measuring Spoon. Recipe Booklet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      So I dream on! Smile!                                                                                                                          Remember to eat your veggies!


Kitchen Tool of the Month – Onion Goggles

Just when I thought I had seen it all, here is something I ran across while reading the food forum on ONION GOGGLES!

Who Knew? I certainly did not know about these wonderful gadgets.

There are 5 colors to choose from and the unisex design makes them suitable for men and women chefs! is a interesting website.

“Have you ever wondered what the secret is for how to cut onions without crying? The answer is onion goggles. Onion goggles are lined with soft foam to form a barrier between your eyes and irritating onion vapor. They’re like safety goggles for chopping onions, but more stylish and fun to wear than the ones you’ll find in the garage.”

Cheftools offers all kinds of -kitchen tools. Whether you are a chef or a self-proclaimed chef, there are tools for you!