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Powerful Video: May change the way you view healthy eating

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USDA Dumps the Triangle for Choose My Plate

I truly believe the USDA is headed in the right direction!

I would make the Vegetable part of the plate 1/2 fresh vegetables, but that’s me.  I would make the suggestion for all grains be whole grains.  I see the value of making 1/2 the grains whole grains.  Since so many Americans do not eat enough whole food or whole grain, beginning by eating at least half of our grains that are whole is a great place to start.  Somethings I like about this plate concept is that it is easier to use when you are filling your plate, and there is a suggestion to add more vegetables.  For people with health issues like Celiac disease, there is a need to make sure the grains are gluten-free. (But that’s another post. Smile).  So pick up your copy of the Ten Tips and I think you will be a little close to making healthier food choices.

I will continue to share the focus of each section of the plate and make my suggestions as well.

                     Click on the Photo below and get your pdf of “10 Tips for Nutrition “

Photos and article provided by USDA