Are you ready for some football?


Post contributed by Fletcher Vargas  


We got direct tv nfl ticket and now I have a brood of middle-aged men that hang out at my house every Monday! I didn’t think that it was going to be so popular, or else maybe I would have reconsidered getting it! My husband loves football and loves his friends. As soon as we got it installed he was on the phone telling everyone about it. Then, I heard him inviting everyone over to watch the games! I really don’t mind have company, and actually really enjoy it, but I don’t watch football. I have never really understood the rules and didn’t grow up watching it or having a favorite team. My husband on the other hand, grew up watch and playing football. He went to Louisiana State University ( where they have a good team) and did not miss a game when he was a student. I am glad that he is having so much fun with the boys, but I miss seeing him when he is not glued to the tube!

Photo credit:Jason M. Simanek