Sugar is Killing Us – My Recommendations

sugar is killing us VIDEO length 3:32 minutes

My recommendations:

Stevia in the Raw – Stevia is a plant and it keeps blood sugars level

Coconut Palm Sugar – Made from coconut, keeps glucose levels even

These are ONLY SWEETENERS I use to cook and bake with.

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A Paula Deen Recipe Extreme Makeover

Perhaps you have heard about Paula Deen, (one of America’s most beloved cooks) has been diagnosed with diabetes.

I remade one of her recipes to make it healthier.

“Sweet Potato Bake”

You can get it FREE in the Kindle Store.

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Check it out!


Let’s all get healthier!

Best wishes to Paula Deen as she begins a journey to wellness!

A Paula Deen Recipe Extreme Makeover: Healthier Choice with Sacrificing Taste