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AD, Kids

Website Review:

I visited with high hopes for a new literacy website. 

I created an account and it was easy enough. I tried the Avatar Maker and
created a colorful fun character.  Then I tried the Comic Book Maker and
I went to that page but could not figure out how to make a comic book.
Then I went back to the Tree House which is a substitute for HOME.
The MAP takes you to the  area where you play.
The Tree House is the Main Page where you use the prizes you win.
One thing I like is, even if the player does not complete the game or get all the right answers,
they still get to select a sticker or a prize. Another thing I appreciate is the setup of the pages
forces any child to listen carefully.
The game surely needs parental assistance to get started.
Watching the tour video will help the newbie to this site understand how the site works.
I am a kinesthetic learner so I just jump in, then read the instructions. So to save yourself some time, watch the video first.
From what I saw a child ages 4-7 could be challenged.  I believe that even older kids could find this site fun,challenging and rewarding.