Our Trip to Atlanta-Surprise!

J C and I made an emergency trip to Atlanta, GA. A family whom we have loved lost the youngest child/sister. 

Although  the trip began with a sad beginning,  I experience so much good.  I was blessed to re-connect with friends. 

I was thrilled Sunday night my brother Cleon, my only brother, and his lovely wife Donna. 

Late Sunday night I received a Inbox  in me FB messenger, “Are you still here?  I want to see you.”  My heart melted. We wanted to leave as soon as possible but this young, single mom is a cancer fighter. We had to stop to see her. 

Monday morning we had breakfast with the family at IHOP at the Lithonia Mall. 

Checked out of Holiday inn Expressed. 

Visited the young woman. 

JC was using his GPS to get back to I-20  then it happened—-
SOUL FOOD VEGETARIAN restaurant was nearby. Could it be tru?  We followed the directions given by. SIRI. The simple red sign said OPEN. WE WALKED closer and closer and grabbed the cold door handle and YES. 


WE learned from the man who served us that the SVS IN CHICAGO  is the original SVS.  We were happy to have discovered this place because SOUL VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT IS OUR MOST FAVORITE IN THE WORLD. 

HERE  are some photos 




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