I have been recuperating from my brain aneurysm surgery. I am doing well and better than most people in my situation. I am so grateful to be alive to be healing to have the full use of my faculties and to be able to have even a deeper purpose for my life.

I have not been posting here much, and that’s because I have been working on writing a book. The title of the book will be 

“Overcome the Impossible.”

I have also written another piece called,

 “The Next Chapter.”

 The next chapter is a moment by moment recap of my experience from the time that I was diagnosed until the time I went home from the hospital. 
It is important to have this next chapter written because my book where I was a co-author entitled,

” The Change” 

Ends with me asking a question, “What’s next? “Little did I know what was next. 

I have had it edited so I’m getting the final draft together and I will be making it available soon. 

Thank you for being with me on this blood blog journey and also this brain journey. 

My intention is to begin posting here again soon. I do not know when exactly but in the meantime pray for me as I continue recuperating. 

Thank you for following this me on this blog!!

I am thankful to still be here!!!!

A recent photo of me.   
My chapter in THE CHANGE covers my beginning of personal growth and how I came to understand the body mind spirit connection. 

Pick up a copy of The Change Book 3


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