Healthy House Plants- hydrogen solution

A friend sent this to me:

In an atricle on indoor air purifying, I wrote
a while ago about switching to clean cleaners,
(like H2O2), introducing house plants

(including a list of the best “breathers” and
“filters” of the bunch).

And how to keep indoor air cleaner without
necessarily spending money on some
electrically powered device which is itself
using energy.

(Even if the power plant is not IN
your house, it is somewhere, now, isn’t it?)

Well, there is another part of that story, which
as to do with the plants themselves and H2O2 that
I didn’t get a chance to talk about in that article.

So, here are some tips about using H2O2 to keep
indoor plants (and even garden plants) healthy.

The first one is a great remedy for any plants that
are not thriving. Drooping, browning, yellowing or
brittleness are all signs of severe stress in plants.

So, if your plants aren’t feeling too well, give them
a healthy oxygen tonic of 5 ounces of 3percent H2O2 to
1 quart of water applied directly to the soil just as
when you normally water.

I’ve found this remedy to be particulary beneficial
for aloe vera and spider plants who seem to respond
very quickly to the treatment. It is also an excellent
tonic in the garden for herbs and flowering plants.

I have used rock dust and hydrogen peroxide in my
outdoor gardens now for several years, so I’ve become
used to 2 foot tall oregano and eight foot tall catnip.

However, if you’ve never tried it, you might be
surprised at the results.

The fellow who has the best rock dust I know of is
Agro Winn in Southern California. I used to drive down
and pick it up myself when visiting friends, but this
last bag has lasted for 2 years now.

Many people growing hydroponically have come to know
the benefits of hydrogen peroxide in the water. Remember,
in many parts of the world hydrogen peroxide is used for
water disinfection/saniitizing.

It is not harmful or unsafe. It is water and oxygen.
And it dissipates into the environment as water and
oxygen on contact with organic matter, burning up
any bacteria, virus, or fungi on the way.

So clean up your home and keep your plants healthy
by using hydrogen peroxide not only to clean up; but
to green up!

Have a great day!

Becky Mundt – an Earth Friendly Clean company!

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