Well pickle my artichokes…


That rolls of the tongue really well.  I think I’ll bust it out next time I feel like saying ‘well shiver me timbers!’  The only thing is I don’t think I’ve ever said that except dressed as a pirate and I’m not sure how well pickled artichokes and pirates mix.

A thing of beauty A thing of beauty

Artichokes are so tender and delicious when you pick them young and my personal favourite way to eat them is fried on the BBQ in loads of butter with a squeeze of lemon juice for the last couple of minutes.  Oh my gosh so good.

But they are a bit of a phaff to prepare, especially when you let them go beyond that tender young stage.  But even when they are big they are still worth the effort to get to that wonderful heart in the centre.   The other day I harvested a basketful of huge…

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