Where was I on 9/11?


13 years ago today I was on the freeway driving from Palmdale California on the freeway headed to work in Redondo Beach California. My car was running hot we were stuck in traffic, bumper-to-bumper to bumper. Someone yelled out “did you hear about the explosion in New York?”

My husband JC and I had not heard because the radio was broken. So once I got to work I saw the look on my boss’ face and it was really sad. We went upstairs into the office and his television was on and it showed the first airplane that crashed into one of the Twin Towers.

We watched it just stunned until he had to leave to go to an appointment. I really couldn’t work that day I sat there I tried to do what I could but most of all I just can’t listen to the reports and trying to understand what happened was an accident was a terrace I didn’t know by the end of the day I was just exhausted from having watched The horror that struck our nation. Over the next few days churches were open for us to go in and pray in our neighborhoods. I remember going to a church near me and praying with some strangers.



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