Healthy Eating Affirmations

I remember when I first began to listen to affirmations on cassette tapes. (Old School).

I use to argue with the voice coming out of the recorder. I did not believe it was true that

people listen to me and I am an interesting person. Eventually, as I continued to listen, I began to be

convinced to test out these messages.  So I started to allow the positive messages to sink into my psyche and

stop arguing.

I noticed that people did listen to me and that the more I felt interesting, people were responding to me.

Now I realize that affirmations are statements that affirm what it is I want to show up. It is not a mere statement of fact. I have had coaching clients of mine to tell me that affirmations are lies.  Because of my experience with misunderstanding affirmations, I knew where they were coming from.


That said, I am sharing affirmations for Eating Healthy!


Print these out and Post it on the refrigerator or mirror so you can see the affirmations several times a day.

Repetition is the key! Don’t expect to believe each statement right away. Continue to repeat them until you notice the shift inside of you.




Here are other affirmations!










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