Free groceries at KROGER!

I love saving money stuff I use.
Tonight we went to Kroger.
I had pre-loaded my my Kroger savings card. I went online and registered my Kroger card and under the category digital coupons I was able to find for free items. And there was some things I wanted. I wasn’t going to buy them today, but I just put them on the card so that when I’m ready to go grocery shopping they will already already be on my card. So anyway went to the store and purchase the items that were free and when the cashier added them onto the receipt and then it cashed out to zero and said that we save $9.41 that is really cool!!

Here is the receipt to prove it. And I bought a couple of other items that I needed and saved $1.49 with those coupons and those were also digital coupons. Altogether we saved $9.41+ $1. 49= $10.90
It’s not rocket science.

Seniors get savings every time you shop when you register your savings card online.

Happy shopping. Register your card now. After you use your card you will start to get Free Stuff


No I didn’t get paid for this but i should. 😉








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