DIY regrow your food…

Gardening outside the garden

making it up as i go


Celery, romaine lettuce, cabbages & bok choy can all be regrown. I use a square vase. After I cut off the eatin’ part of the celery, I put the bottom in the vase, I use the sink sprayer to water the tops until the water is about 2″ deep. I water daily, easy to remember to do this if you park the vase next to the sink. Within three days, this celery started growing in its center. When the green part reaches 8 to 10″ I will plant the bottom into the dirt, leaving only the new growth exposed. It takes about five months to regrow celery. I plan on doing this with all the celery I buy. I will then, in five months time, have grown my own supply of celery. I have a few good windows that I can plant in some pots later on–when winter comes.  I…

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