Summer Fun Under The Sun

Town & Country Gardening

vegetable-fun Source Pa resort to hold naked beer festival
2014 Season Opens May 16 2014
Not to be out done by Nude gardening day, a blog visitor sent me this link for what I can only call Boobs and Beer day.

Before you rush off to make your reservations ‘Sunny Rest Resort’ this event allows No Clothing, ‘Clothing Is Not Optional’ “Bare Beach Beer Bash” on June 28 offers unlimited beer sampling from domestic and imported breweries, live poolside music and more all in the nude.

Grin …. 🙂 From a mans prospective, how can it get any better than ‘Free’ beer and Boobs?

NEW For 2014 – It’s A Free Forum Service This will not work without your want to trade or give away seed posting or without your want to have seed posting(s).
Thanks Pobept

First Saturday in May is It’s good for your health and just a Fun…

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