20 Things I Miss About my Dad

20 Things I Miss About my Dad now that he is Gone.
Posted by Glenda Thomas on June 11, 2010 at 10:07 AM delete edit comments (1)
Father’s Day Tribute
Dedicated to the memory of my Father Lury Lee Fleming (passed Dec. 23, 2006)

I started remembering things about having my dad around. There are things I miss. Some are significant and others may seem insignificant but I miss these things and him nevertheless.

1. His laughter.

2. Stories that only he could tell.

3. The way he mispronounced word.

4. His singing.

5. When he was displeased he would shut his eyes lids slowly.

6. His funny way of saying serious things.

7. Feeling his bushy mustache when he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

8. His rough 5 o’clock shadow

9. Hearing him preach about how women shouldn’t wear pants. “They walk like a man, talk like a man and wear pants like a man, so let ’em stand up like a man.”

10. Visiting his house in Mount Pleasant Texas. I miss looking at his tape records and karaoke machines you used to record his singing.

11. Watching him make funny sounds effects when playing withe babies in the family.

12. Seeing physical charactistics in him that were transferred to me.

13. His expression upon greeting me, after not having seen him for a while. He always seemed
happy to see me. He would greet with a hug.

14. When others get to talking to loud, he would gesture with his hand and lower his voice and whisper to get others to quiet down.

15. Being able to call him and ask him to fill in some gaps in our family history.

16. Taking pictures with him

17. Having him pay for lunch or dinner. He loved to do it.

18. One time I told him (over the phone) that I loved him, as I was about to hang up. He replied,
“I love you. You’ll never know how much.” That one time. I believe it was Father’s Day and we
called to sending greetings of the day.

19. His stories of how people at different churches wanted him to preach for them.

20. Him saying, “I love you” back to me before I hang up the phone.



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