raw food

Guest Post – Dan the Man

Hey it’s Dan and I wanted to
connect today. I was out walking
in the desert and I was feeling
like I wanted to share with you
my perspective on the benefits
of raw foods. I have been trying
to help people understand why
eating a raw food diet is so
beneficial, so here goes…

#1. Lower health care cost.
Eating raw food pumps your body
full of vitamins and nutrients
boosting your immune system and
detoxifying your body from the
dis-ease that keeps you going
back to the doctor.

2. Increased mental clarity.
Raw foods are easily digested
and absorbed into the blood
stream so less of the body’s
energy is required to go to
your gut for the digestion
process. This means you have
more energy to focus on
creating the life you love with
a clarity you have probably
never experienced before.

3. More energy. You have to try
it to really know it, but
eating raw food gives you an
amazing increase in energy.
Imagine what you could do if
you didn’t find yourself
feeling tired and sluggish at
the end of the day.

4. More regularity. Did you
know that you should naturally
have two to three bowel
movements a day? If you are not
that likely means you have a
clogged up intestinal system.
Eating raw provides plenty of
fiber to keep you regular.

5. Connection with the earth.
Eating food that’s freshly
picked just feels different.
You feel more connected to the
earth and more grounded. Eating
lots of processed foods —
frozen, from a box or fast food
chain — creates more of a gap
and leaves you feeling
disconnected from the earth
that sustains you.

6. Spiritual clarity. Raw foods
digest more easily than cooked
foods leaving you feeling
cleaner and clearer. This
allows you to feel more mental
energy so you can witness your
thoughts and actions from a
more objective viewpoint. This
in turn helps you to become
more aware of how your thoughts
affect your emotional state
giving you the opportunity to
adjust your thoughts bringing
more peace and emotional poise.

Ready to give it a try? If you
are interested in pursuing a raw
food diet you’ll want to check
out my latest DVD set
Transitioning to Raw. It has
everything you need to succeed
at eating raw and transforming
your health and its on sale for
just a few more days. Visit my
website for more information and
pick up your copy while it is
still on sale.




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