Where do Vegetarians get Their Protein?

Whenever I tell someone that I’m vegetarian inevitably they ask.

Where do you get your protein?
There other sources but nuts have plenty of protein.
It’s funny how we as a society have been brainwashed to believe that only animals are the source of protein. Think about.

Here is a list. Nuts should be soaked to allow them to digest more easy.

This is from


Nut/Seed (1/4 cup) Protein
Almond 7
Brazil nut 5
Cashew 4
Chestnut 1
Coconut (shredded) 2
Filbert/Hazelnut 5
Flax seed 5
Macadamia 2
Peanut 8
Pecan 2
Pine nut 4
Pistachio 6
Pumpkin seed 7
Sesame seed 7
Soynut 10
Sunflower seed 8
Walnut 5


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