Six Of My Favorite Nutrient Dense Raw Foods: Guest Dan The Man Macdonald.

I really enjoyed putting this email
together for you. It’s pretty long
and is a ton of content. Make sure
to read it all the way through,
it’s important stuff.

I wrote this on my iPhone so it may
not be absolutely perfect.

Dulse ~ Dulse is a mineral rich
seaweed full of iodine for healthy
thyroid function as well as B6,
B12, potassium, fluoride and iron.
Dulse also contains vitamins C, E,
A and lots of fiber, calcium,
potassium, fluoride, magnesium,
zinc, phosphorous and amino acids.
I love Dulse on salads 2-3 times
per week as it is one of the
tastiest foods that will help keep
vitamin and mineral deficiencies at
bay. To learn how to make the best
tasting salads ever make sure to
get my DVD “Life Saving Salads &
Dressings”. It’s currently over 50%
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Bee pollen ~ Bee pollen is a highly
nutritious and complete food. It
contains a rich supply of the
B-complex vitamins and folic acid
as well as vitamins A, C, E,
carotenoids, amino acids, brain
building essential fatty acids, the
best source of vegetarian lecithin
and a wide variety of minerals. Bee
pollen is great for men to build
strength, power and reproductive
capacity. Although I have never
found any research on the subject I
intuitively believe it to be
hormone balancing for women as
well. It is approximately 20
percent protein so it has about 5
times the protein content of meat,
eggs or cheese gram for gram. Bee
pollen is electrically charged, has
anti aging properties and is very
regenerative for the human body and
brain. It is loaded with enzymes
and co enzymes which activate many
cellular processes. It has been
used for many thousands of years
and has been called the ‘food of
the gods’ due to its profoundly
beneficial effects on physical,
mental and spiritual health. I
always have some bee pollen around
and take 2-3 tablespoons whenever I
anticipate a long day of physical
exercise or mental work. Helpful
for drug and alcohol addiction and
an excellent food for weight loss.
Bee pollen is great for the skin
and should be used to help offset
the effects of daily stress. All
athletes should consume bee pollen
regularly to help with performance
and recovery.

Avocados ~ Avocados are a fruit (a
berry actually) and a true blessing
from nature. Avocados are the best
fruit source of vitamin E which is
very important in human health.
Avocados are great because
pesticide exposure is very low in
the conventionally grown fruit
which is usually less expensive
than organically grown avocados.
Avocados are also sometimes called
the alligator pear and I love to
call them that. Alligator pears
(avocados) are a high fiber. There
are a sodium and cholesterol free
food that provides nearly 20
essential nutrients, they are super
rich in healthy monounsaturated and
polyunsaturated fats (omega-3 fatty
acids), vitamins A, C, D, E, K,
potassium and the B vitamins
(thiamine, riboflavin, niacin,
pantothenic acid, biotin, vitamin
B-6, vitamin B-12 and folate. DO
NOT allow yourself to become
deficient in B vitamins and they
are all important, trust me.)
Avocados really are my favorite
source of long term energy and have
helped me to eliminate cravings of
every kind. I used to be afraid of
too much fat, but now I usually eat
1-2 avocados on my salad every
night and since I started eating
more fat and less sweet fruit I
feel way more stable, grounded and
more nutritionally satisfied.
Eating more avocados has helped me
to stay 100% raw. When I was eating
mostly sweet fruit I would get a
little ungrounded (mineral
deficient) and would eat cooked
foods like baked potatoes or
steamed veggies 1-2 times per month
to ‘stabilize’. This did not feel
right to me as it has been my
intention to be 100% raw since the
first day I found about raw/living
foods. Since the day I decided to
eat more fats I have been 100% raw
without effort. It took me 13 years
to learn this! I eat more avocados
than any other food and it has not
slowed down my athletic performance
or energy levels. Because of the
enzymes in avocados they can and
should be used in moderation in
your weight loss program. They are
very satisfying and will help you
feel fuller longer. Fat does not
make you fat. Toxins make you fat!
Cooked fat is toxic to the cells so
eat raw fats like coconut meat,
avocados and hemp seeds. Avocados
are good for the heart, brain and
because of the folic acid content
they are very beneficial during
pregnancy. I believe that
artificial folic acid isolated
supplements can do more harm than
good due to my research and
understanding of synergy. Isolated
laboratory derived chemical
supplements can cause imbalances in
my opinion. Getting our vitamins
and minerals from whole food
sources like avocados or even whole
food supplements where mother
natures intelligence is not altered
is the best way to go. Avocados are
also great as one of babies first
foods. Avocados saved my life and
continue to do so day in and day

Cherries ~ Cherries are full of
anti-oxidants and have anti cancer
as well as anti inflammatory
properties. They are very
beneficial for gout and arthritis.
Cherries purify and build the
blood. Cherries are rich in
vitamins C, E, potassium,
magnesium, iron, folate and fiber.
Great for keeping the Gi tract
clean and healthy and can helpful
for constipation. The cherry season
is short (June-July) so when they
are in season I will eat 2-4 pounds
of them a day for weeks at a time
to make sure I get my fill. When
cherry season is over I start
looking forward to the next season.
My favorite cherries are organic
hood river cherries grown in
Oregon. I have been trying to
decide if I prefer the taste of
Rainier or Bing cherries for the
last several years. Be rest assured
I plan on doing some more taste
tests very soon as cherry season is
right around the corner. 😀

Lemons ~ I use lemons more that any
other fruit or vegetable year
round. Sometimes I will use up to
10 lemons in a day for juices or
recipes. Lemon juice is a great
preservative in fresh fruit and
vegetable juices due to its citric
acid content. If you plan on
storing your juices in the fridge
or a cooler for up to 72 hours make
sure you use lemon or lime juice.
Lemons contain vitamin C, citric
acid, flavonoids, B-complex
vitamins, calcium, copper, iron,
magnesium, phosphorus, potassium,
and fiber making it a nutritional
powerhouse. Although lemon is an
acid fruit is has a very alkalizing
effect on the body. Lemon with it’s
astringent properties tones the
cells in the body and pulls toxins
from the lymphatic system to be
eliminated through the various
detoxification channels. Lemons
help to dissolve deposits of all
types. Drinking warm lemon water
every morning is a great way to
flush toxins from the system and
set your day off on the right foot.

Celery ~ I eat at least one whole
head of celery everyday in my lemon
ginger blast. I also use it in
salads once or twice a week. It is
easy to find and delicious. Celery
is a nutritional power house loaded
with anti-oxidants and anti aging
properties. Celery is the best
remedy for heart burn and acid
reflux due to its high sodium
content. Drink 16oz of celery juice
everyday to eliminate these issues.
Celery also helps digest protein in
the stomach because the sodium
builds hydrochloric acid. Celery is
great for the bones and teeth. A
smoothie made from celery and
bananas is the BEST pre-workout and
post-workout sports drink due to a
balance of sodium and potassium
which will enhance cell respiration
during your work out and rebuild
electrolyte stores after you sweat.
NEVER EVER drink those fluorescent
drinks as they are dehydrating and
acidic. Organic celery juice is
medicine. Mix it with apples or
carrots if you can’t handle the
straight juice. Celery contains
vitamin K, folate, vitamin A,
potassium, molybdenum, vitamin C,
manganese, calcium, vitamin B2, B5,
tryptophan, magnesium and lots of

My focus has been on nutrient
density of foods to increase
health, life and energy.

Deficiencies are everywhere leading
to diseases and fatigue. I am
trying to help people understand
the food they eat drastically
affects their health. You can see
why I love these foods and eat them
as often as possible. I use them in
juices, smoothies, soups, salads,
entrees and deserts in my own diet
and I show you how to be very
creative with these foods in my

The recipe DVD’s are on sale right
now for over 50% off so check it

Thanks for reading this, sharing it
with your friends and implementing
this knowledge in your day to day
life. Thank you.


Breslin Products, LLC, P.O. Box 2250, Summerville, SC 29484, USA

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