Was Popeye Right?’

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Hello Friends,

Greens are king when it comes to providing you with complete nutrition. Greens, particularly the leafy ones, are incredibly high in absorbable protein that our bodies just love. Consuming plenty of greens each day cleanses old toxic waste from your body (yes please!) and gives you natural, sustained energy throughout your day. Plus, it helps to balance and manage cravings, curbs hunger and gives you more nutritional bang for your buck than the majority of other foods available, even the natural ones.

Greens contain a huge amount of necessary minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes that help to keep your skin glowing, your eyes bright, your head clear and focused, your body lean and strong, your hair glossy, your organs functioning efficiently and they play a significant part in preventing many chronic common diseases when combined with a clean diet overall. They also give strength and endurance for athletes and anyone with a busy lifestyle…aka most people today!

It can be easy to get too little greens in your diet if you are eating a western style breakfast of cereal or eggs, by eating meals out where they almost never have more than a handful of greens on your plate, or because you don’t know how to sneakily get them into your diet!

Yes, Popeye had it right!

Try to base as many meals and snacks as possible around greens. You might not be a fan of greens on their own, but many or all of these are so well hidden that you’ll be happily surprised by how easy it is to amp up your greens intake 300%.

Smoothies & Juices
One of the best, easiest and tastiest ways to include a lot more health-building greens in your diet is to have them in your juices and smoothies. Use a combination of fruits and greens in your juices to make delicious liquid nourishment that will get your health and vitality sky-rocketing. The fruit masks the green taste and it will be a refreshing and delicious drink to start each day with.

Alternatively, combining some water, fruit of your choice and greens in a blender for a minute or two will make you a gorgeous smoothie packed full of enzymes and life – just don’t let the green color deter you. By mixing the fruit with the greens, the smoothie will taste like a pure fruit smoothie but you will still get the nutrition from the greens. You can add as much or as little water as you desire, dependent on what consistency you like your smoothies. Change it up with a variety of fresh and frozen fruits, different greens, ice, avocado, and young (green) coconut water to get your taste buds dancing. Vary your greens regularly so you are always getting a broad spectrum of nutrients and vitamins into that gorgeous body. Be careful not to overuse bitter greens like kale, dandelion and endive in your smoothies if you’re new to their taste or you might overpower the yummy fruit flavor. Start with less, taste and then add more.

Salads are another brilliant option for getting your greens in. Just remember to chew them well to help your body digest them and get maximum nutritional benefit. Romaine lettuce, spinach, arugula, kale, endive, radicchio, mesclun and baby greens of all types are particularly tasty in salads. Add any other raw and cooked vegetables and some delicious home made dressing and you have a gorgeous, simple meal to eat alone or with another dish. Throw in some fresh green herbs like basil, dill, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, etc, and you have a flavor explosion. Plus the enzymes so abundant in the raw greens and other raw vegetables will help you to digest the cooked foods in your meal.

Wheatgrass and Barleygrass Juice Extract Powders
Getting your greens in just got even easier. Last week we released our new Vimergy Juice Extract Powders which use freshly juiced wheatgrass and barleygrass sprouts (both gluten-free and fine for anyone with gluten intolerance or celiac disease) which are then extracted into a powder concentrate that is 25 times more potent than just the wheatgrass or barleygrass plant by itself. This is so exciting! Adding 2 teaspoons per day of these juice powders to lemon water, juice or smoothies, can amp up your nutritional intake significantly and help prevent a plethora of disease and improve not only your health on the inside but how you look on the outside. These juice powders are beautifying!

Wheatgrass juice has been used successfully in natural healing institutes around the world for many decades as an important part of the protocol to help heal sickness and disease, including cancer. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass helps neutralize infections and inflammation, purifies the blood and detoxifies the liver and colon.

Barleygrass juice naturally improves energy and digestion, strengthens the immune system and improves health of skin, hair and nails. It helps to cleanse and balance the body, while providing essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids that build your immunity and health. It has been credited as helpful for healing arthritis, migraine headaches, asthma, fatigue, gastrointestinal and skin issues, cancer, diabetes and more.

If all that isn’t convincing enough an argument to get your greens in daily, then know this: including a lot of greens in your diet every day is incredibly effective at helping you release excess weight. Greens go to work balancing your body and are so alkalizing that they will help pull the acids stored in your fatty areas right out, ready for removal.

Click Here to Learn More about Green Juice Powders

With love,

Casey & Philip “If We Start To Look Like The Hulk Let Us Know” McCluskey

On the run? Get in your Greens
in 30 seconds or less.

The Green SuperJuice Kit is the newest addition to the Vimergy line, and is the go-to for those on the run who still want to get in high quality greens, even more powerful than the greens on their own.

Super simple to use, just add a couple teaspoons to water or your smoothie and you’re all set.

All of our green powders are water extracted using FITT™ Technology, which ensures no adulterations, and the safety and consistency of our final product. It’s the most advanced extraction process used today in which the herbs are never heated above 104 degrees, thus maintaining its raw state and keeping its amino acids and essential oils intact.

Vimergy GreenJuice Powders are Vegan and Gluten-Free too. They are GMO and ETO free, and non-irradiated. It’s also free from wheat, gluten, soy, added sugar, salt, lactose, preservatives, or any other fillers.

How our Green Juice Extracts are different from those on the market is they are all 25:1 concentrated, meaning that it’s not just the greens powdered (as many other companies offer), but rather they are first juiced, then extracted in a 25x concentrated powerful form. So for every 1 pound of our concentrated greens, you’re actually receiving 25 pounds of the product.

For best results, add one teaspoon of 25:1 concentrated Wheatgrass or Barleygrass Juice to your smoothie or cold water for an instant green drink. Enjoy multiple times throughout the day.

Click Here To Get Your Greens In Today

Spotlight Friday

Shazzie Love

I’m super excited to be featuring our good friend and all-round radiant being Shazzie. A very well known and popular Author of five books and the world’s first raw food TV presenter, Shazzie is a beautiful soul inside and out and brimming with knowledge and wisdom. I think you’ll love this interview and the crazy delicious raw chocolate recipe she has generously shared with you. Enjoy!

1. What drove you to adopt a healthy lifestyle?

Something bigger than words. I suffered a lot as a child from feeling disconnected, feeling unwell, just feeling wrong, fragmented and like I shouldn’t be here. I went veggie aged 16, vegan aged 18 and raw aged 30. Raw food and lots of shamanic healing helped me reach the parts of me that I couldn’t reach any other way…

Read Shazzie’s favorite ways to stay healthy and get her chocolate recipe here

Recipe Overload

Anti-Inflammatory Green Juice
As we get closer to the holidays and all the indulgence most people engage in, there’s never a better time to load up on fresh vegetables and particularly green vegetables. My favorite and most easily digestible way to have them is in a tall glass (or 3) of green juice.

With the lovely warm weather in the southern hemisphere right now, I’ve been enjoying a little bit of fresh fruit like apple, pear or 0range in my green juice most days along with lots of fresh mint and fresh turmeric root for it’s wonderful anti-inflammatory effects and smooth flavor. Adding roots to your juice like turmeric, ginger and beet are fantastic for grounding you and turmeric is well known for helping ward off colds and flus, helping with indigestion, lowering blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke, and helping to prevent cancer. I’d say that’s worth adding to your regular diet then!

And then comes the benefits of the Barleygrass Juice Extract. It naturally improves energy and digestion, strengthens the immune system and improves health of skin, hair and nails. It helps to cleanse and balance the body, while providing essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids that build your immunity and health. It has been credited as helpful for healing arthritis, migraine headaches, asthma, fatigue, gastrointestinal and skin issues, cancer, diabetes and more. A pretty amazing juice tonic all round!

I made this delicious combination for Philip and I every day for a week and will be picking up some more turmeric to continue this lovely habit soon.

Anti-Inflammatory Green Juice

1 large cucumber
1 lime
2 oranges, peeled
1 small head romaine
2 stalks chard/silverbeet
1/2 tsp Vimergy Barleygrass Juice 25x Extract Powder
1 small bunch mint
1 inch piece turmeric root

Click here for full recipe…

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