The Benefits of Community Garden in Prison



Recently I wrote a post on a Community Garden I visited in my neighborhood. See the Post. I did some more research and I found the benefits of Community Gardens are doing in other arenas.  There are prisons that are using gardening to make the prisoners productive.  There is nothing like getting your hands into the dirt, back to Mother Earth.  It is amazing to plant, nurture and watch things come to life before our eyes As we participate in the process of life.

Principles that can be learned through planting and harvesting.

– The evidence of cause and effect

– The growth process is in its own time. We cannot rush growth (in plants or in people)

– We learn that we can sustain ourselves with fresh food and we do not have to be dependent on the large producers who poison our food with chemicals.

– We learn a trade and at harvest we can give or sell or even trade what we cannot eat.

There are so many things to learn.

Please read these stories and see how you can help in your neck of the woods to use gardening to help yourself and someone else.



Every day, four inmates of Texas’s Smith County Jail are transported 18 kilometers from the jail, where they spend the day hard at work. Unlike standard prison labor programs however, the fruits of these prisoners’ labors are actually fruits—and vegetables. Smith County Jail is one of several prisons in the county that are giving inmates the opportunity to give back to the community, and provide fresh produce for themselves.

Since 2010, inmates who have demonstrated good behavior are given the opportunity to work in the Smith County Jail’s garden, where they grow tomatoes, corn, squash, peas, and other produce. The produce is then sent back to the prison, or shipped to nearby communities where local organizations such as the East Texas Food Bankprovide meals to needy families.

To read the rest of the story…

Texas – Prison Gardens

Ohio – Green Thumb Prisoners

 Africa – World Vegetable Center

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