Visit a Community Garden Near You Click here for photos.

2013-09-17 08.09.13

I recently visited a friend of mine, Lenora Lee in California. She and her husband have

developed a garden all around their home. The front yard is a garden and the back yard

is a garden and quiet places.

She really inspired me to look into the community gardens near me.  I did a little digging

and found a community garden near my home.  UTA (University of Texas at Arlington) and the

City of Arlington partner together and off 16 ft x 4 ft plots to residents.  Here are some photos.

Cynthia Ellis from the City called me and shared some vital information with me.  The garden is

cared for by those who farm the plots. 1/2 of the poundage is donated to the Arlington Shelter.

The cost is $35 per calendar year. I went out to get a closer look and I found the garden plots.

I found plots with collard greens, kale, melons, flowers, bell peppers, okra, chard, tomatoes,

and more!

I hope everyone who reads this post will check out their local community garden.  I am on the

waiting list for a plot. I would love to get assigned to a plot to grow food from the seed to the

harvest.  I received a list in my e-mail that gives me the information on when to plant, which


I have attached 2 pdf documents to this post:

Vegetable Planting Dates Texas AgriLife Recommended Planting Dates

Planting Guide

AgriLife Extension – Vegetable Planting Guide (1) AgriLife Extension – Vegetable Planting Guide


Link to Video about UTA Community Garden



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