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Family Health Fair at Light of the World Church if Christ







Here are a few pics from the Family Health Fair. I had a table set up with a variety of healthy food items to eat in exchange for what we usually eat. Some of items were:
Healthy chocolate Cake for all to taste
Cocao powder
Coconut oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Coconut Palm sugar
Almond milk
Steel cut oats

I had a list for those who wanted to receive the recipe for the cake and
“7 Simple Substitutes for Healthy
Eating” and a green smoothie recipe, if you want this special report email me at
glendamthomas@gmail.con Subject: 7 Simple Substitutes…

Jim Yarbrough a former NFL player stopped by to encourage us to take care of our bodies. He shared his journey from being fully engaged in working on his body everyday to retirement.

Dorothy Stevens is a certified Yoga instructor. She did a series of yoga exercises Ruth the adults and children who attended! It was fun and rejuvenating!

Angela Pugh led us in a 15 minutes exercise routine with the video by Mrs Joyner “SWEATING IN THE SPIRIT”

Debora Gordon RN and I were on hand answer questions about food and eating!

We had lots of fun !

I look forward to presenting a cooking show and allow participants to taste stuff like kale , almond flour pancakes,
raw collard green sandwiches!


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