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Help Put Brian Au’s Recipe Book on the TOP TEN List Today!!

Hi Everyone my new RAW STAR vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, amazing, delicious, gorgeous recipe book became available on just a few days ago, and it reached #24 on the Organic Recipe Book Best Seller list! I noticed it only took 6 book sales to jump from #24 to #19 today! So it should only take like 30 books sold today to make it reach the TOP 10 LIST! So please spread the word and I hope you can make a purchase it is $16 which is a great discount off the normal $25 cover price it is a must have recipe book. Please spread the word, e-mail your friends, share the gift of true health, harmony, happiness and well being thank you everyone I love you all! HERE is the info and links:

My RAW STAR recipe book is ranked #19 on Amazon’s Organic Cookbook bestseller list today but it slipped to #24 today.

I need about 30 book sales to reach TOP 10 LIST TODAY:

Please make your purchase here today thank you everyone and please spread the word:


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