All Veggie Burgers are NOT Created Equal!

I recently decided to take soy and gluten out of my eating plan.  I did some research and discovered that gluten is a huge source of inflammation in your body and soy is a steroid.  Soy is super processed, so I had to STOP that and begin to read my labels even more closely than before.  I read all of the labels of the veggie burgers I had been eating and the ingredients almost always included soy or soy protein or gluten or essential gluten.  So I began the hunt for a soyless and gluten-free veggie burger.  And I found one  and I want you to look at the chart and listen to this video.

Asheraf’s Brand.  My next task is to get it in the stores where I shop.

Stay tuned.

Glenda the Good Foodie



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